5 Ways to Defrost a Football Pitch

Following today’s postponement of the Blackpool V Sheffield Wednesday game I’ve spent time coming up with five ingenious ways to defrost a pitch.

1. Multiple Hair Dryers

Lots of power adapters and lots of hair dryers, top setting on the hair dryers and systematically cover the pitch.

2. Fire Bins

Around 30 / 40 fire bins jacked up on bricks would defrost the pitch. Slowly move them about and be careful not to set the grass on fire.

fire bin

3. De Icer Sprinkler system.

Combing a few thousand bottles of de icer with the sprinkler system at Bloomfield Road and start spraying. As long as the pitch gets an even spray it should defrost, not sure what the state of the grass would be in due to the chemicals in the de icer.


4. Hot Water Sprinkler System

Similar to point 3 but this time pump hot water to melt the pitch. Hot water could come from the mains or from lots and lots of kettles.

5. Pitch covers / Undersoil heating.

Maybe a little controversial, but pitch covers and undersoil heating seem to do the trick for most football clubs.

If your football pitch eventually is defrosted but you´ve spend far too much money on travelling to the ground to only find out the game is cancelled then your probably best just checking live football scores online.

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