8 years of opening day lineups

With the current situation showing no signs of improving it’s hard to know what our starting 11 against Nottingham Forrest on Saturday the 9th of August will be.

Looking back over 8 seasons our lineups have changed, however there has always been some consistency between years. At the moment it only looks like Steven Davies, Bobby Grant and Gary MacKenzie will be starting against Forest who started the 3-1 win at Doncaster 12 months ago.

It’s amazing to see in this gif the transition in four years – comparing to the team to the one that started against Wigan.

Blackpool Line Up Change

2014/15 – Vs Nottingham Forest – ???

2013/14 – Vs Doncaster – 3-1 Win

M Gilks, G MacKenzie, K Broadfoot, C Cathcart, R Harris (J Robinson, 65), B Ferguson, I Osbourne yellow card, Angel, T Ince, S Davies (M Chopra, 80), R Grant (C Basham, 65) Subs not used: N Eccleston, T Barkhuizen, N Bishop, M Halstead

2012/13 – Vs Millwall – 2-0 win

M Gilks, A Baptiste, N Eardley, S Crainey, I Evatt, B Ferguson, Tiago Gomes (N Dicko, 56), I Osbourne, G Taylor-Fletcher (E Grandin, 61), K Phillips (C Cathcart, 80), T Ince Subs not used: S Robertson, M Halstead, Angel, T Barkhuizen

2011/12 – Vs Hull – 1-0 win

M Gilks, A Baptiste, C Cathcart, S Crainey, I Evatt, K Southern, B Ferguson, E Grandin (C Basham, 89), G Taylor-Fletcher (C Sutherland, 87), K Phillips, B Ormerod (B Clarke, 67) Subs not used: M Halstead, M Hill

2010/11 – Vs Wigan – 4-0 win

M Gilks, A Baptiste, C Cathcart, S Crainey, I Evatt, C Adam, D Vaughan, M Harewood (C Basham, 60), G Taylor-Fletcher (J Euell, 76), B Ormerod (L Sylvestre, 59), E Grandin Subs not used: P Rachubka, I Demontagnac, R Edwards, N Eardley

2009/10 – Vs QPR – 1-1

P Rachubka, S Crainey, I Evatt, A Baptiste, R Edwards, D Vaughan (B Clarke, 73), C Adam, K Southern, J Euell, B Burgess, G Taylor-Fletcher (B Ormerod, 68) Subs not used: I Demontagnac, J Martin, D Nardiello, M Gilks, N Eardley

2008/09 – Vs Bristol C -Lost 0-1

P Rachubka, D Coid, R Edwards, I Evatt, A Hammill, G Taylor-Fletcher (D Vaughan, 77), K Southern, C-B Jorgensen (S Aluko, 88), M Camara, B Burgess, J Wright Subs not used: D Fox, M Gilks, M Broomes

2007/08 – Vs Leicester – Won 1-0

P Rachubka, S Barker, M Jackson, I Evatt, S Crainey, G Taylor-Fletcher (C-B Jorgensen, 69), K Southern, D Fox, W Hoolahan (J Hills, 81), K Parker, A Morrell Subs not used: B Burgess, K Gorkss, S Vernon

2006/07 – Vs Brentford – Lost 1-0

R Evans, M Joseph, S Barker, M Jackson, P Tierney (D Coid, 75), A Forbes, K Southern, D Fox, R Prendergast (W Hoolahan, 80), S Vernon (D Graham, 68), K Parker Subs not used: I Evatt, L Jones

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