A view from abroad

I’m currently travelling around the world, I have two nights left in South America before heading over to New Zealand.

I’ve passed through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. All the time you are aware of the passion South Americans have for football. Boca v River in Buenos Aries, the passion of Newells Old Boys from Rosario, the endless number of dirt football pitches even at 3,000 meters above sea level in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia.

When any local ask me where I’m from they always respond with the same question, City or United. (I live in Manchester) a surprising number know about the team in Tangerine when I explain I’m a Blackpool fan.

At Boca's Stadium in BA

Every county I’ve been too also has a terrible history or civil wars, dictators etc. The south Americans have a little temper let’s say.

I’ve been keeping up with events at home, the results, the lack of signing, fans wanting to know where the money has gone.

All I can say is it’s a good job that Blackpool aren’t based in Argentina or Chile as there would have been full scale rioting, instead everyone has hit the message boards to display their anger.


If I had been in deepest, darkest Amazon Jungle and could only receive scores then its been a good start to the season, 12 points on the board from 7 games and in 7th place.


Things could be worse…. it will be interesting to see how we fair in the next few months as I travel in New Zealand!


  1. Dave M

    Enjoy NZ it’s a fantastic country been in Auckland for last 10 months. There a few of us Tangerines over here.

  2. admin

    nope, try and watch it in a bar. at the moment looks like we won’t reach them! conceding too many goals

  3. Moorbank Blackpool Hotel

    This Saturday Blackpool play West Ham in the Championship play off final at Wembley..
    I bet wherever in the world you are and what time it is you will be glued to a TV/Radio for live scores..
    Lets hope it’s the best news when you get back 🙂

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