Big Ben Burgess Blackpool Number ….

So Big Ben’s left for League One Notts County which looks like a great deal for him. Love him or hate him he did well for the Pool.

In total he made 83 (43) starts scoring 23 goals. 2 starts (3) in the FA cup with one goal, three starts in the league cup with three goals and two goals in 5 from the LDV.

Best moment? Winning the pen against Preston in the 1-0 win and maybe a few great goals including a cracker last year at Doncaster. Cheers Ben… wonder who’s be the new number 9?

Ben Burgess


  1. gordon carpenter

    sorry ben you are probably at the level now where you will enjoy your football!! all the best mate and thank you for your efforts

    youve really GOTto learn how to beat a goalie i on 1 -then you would be fit for the premierleague

  2. gordon carpenter

    it will be a shame if ollie settles for a goal of just staying up-because if he does then that is what we will get
    think you can or think you cant -either way you will be right
    i would like to see a 5year plan culminating in top4 that way we will grow our playing quality in a manageable mannerand within a sustainable budget

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