Blackpool FC New Shirt

So the new shirt has leaked out via Live in Blackpool.

New Blackpool FC Shirt

So that will be going out of business soon, just like all our other sponsors.

What do you think about the new shirt?

Edit : Here is a picture of the shirt from the club site.

New Blackpool FC Shirt


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  2. Kieren

    I think it looks cheap and horrible. I think the Carbrini looked much better. You should do a poll on whether it looks good or bad or OK.

  3. Joey

    I am guessing it is a mock up until the shirts are manufactured, but the tangerine and blue go well IMHO

  4. nodrogy

    Its absolutely vile I will never like it and ter think what it represents makes it even worse…. HORRIBLE. I shall definitely not be purchasing one at any cost!

  5. Sam

    Hope this isn’t the finished product, was expecting something a little special this season 🙁

  6. Andrew

    Remember, Cabrini have 1-yr left so we shouldn’t expect something great, still it’s a pity the club are once again last minute and shortsighted. Wonga therefore fits, short term loans!

  7. Rick DENTON

    It’s exactly what a cheapskate like Karl Oyston would organise.
    Absolutely crap…just like the temporary stand which will be there forever.

  8. adam

    this is shocking , its mank , we need to get rid of the scrubbery cabrini and get nike or adidas and get a decent sponser tht looks good , typical blackpool , typical oysten 🙁 :@

  9. J

    So what if it’s not the best top I’ll still bye it and why say I will not b Byron it cos it’s so bad it’s still ur team so you wear it what ever it looks like

  10. Sonia Cleary

    It’s much better than the lovely Salmon colour from 10 years ago and who can forget Rebecca’s Jewellers of Southport??!! Still, I would have thought there might be a nice design element to the shirt…fit for the premier league.

  11. keith

    We are now in the preimership but you would not think so looking at our 3rd division shirt
    the shirt is not bad,could be better with a little more though!!!!get rid of that big blue blob with wonga on it if we have to have wonga on the shirt have it in white get rid of the blue,i was going to buy our first prem shirt but not this one.

  12. marco van meehan

    looks like they could sell this shirt on bonnie street market, come on ehhh sort it out.

  13. chris k

    A true pool fan will wear it no matter what, it states were in the best leauge in the world regardless of what it looks like. I agree with a lot of the people on here it is not as nice as the old shirt however to have the shirt that Blackpool first played in the premier leauge er….. yep that will go to my grandkids one day regardless of what it looks like, COME ON THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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