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Going home finally

It’s been a long time but today we can finally go home.

Due to family commitments I can’t make it today but I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks time.

Well done to all those at BST, Tangerine Knights, Muckers, team Belokon and most importantly the fans showing for standing firm with NAPM.

Blackpool Are Back

Up the pool

End of the season

With two games go we are set for a top half finish thanks to a great run of four wins on the bounce.

It’s been a very strange season on the pitch with the team going a mid season run of 1 win in 14 and then the end of the season with the recent four in a row which could be six in a row with wins over Shrewsbury and Rotherham.

Both are in the playoff, can’t reach Blackburn in second place and can’t take over each other so might rest a few players and naturally will be easing up ready for games against possible Charlton, Scunthorpe, Plymouth or Portsmouth.

For us it looks like there will be summer of upheaval with many players not in contract for next year. Last season with promotion and the “contract cycle” many players were already signed up for this year. However this summer as many as 14 players could be set to leave.

One major worry is Kyle Vasell who has 8 goals so far this season but had a long period out, 8 goals in 20 games is a good return for a player who is now proven at League One level.

Another worry is Mark Cullen who has only make 7 appearances this season due to injury. He might be looking for a new contract but needs to prove his fitness.
It could all result in another Nottingham Forest debacle where we don’t have a full squad for the start of the season. It could be a good idea at this stage to look for UK free bets on us not having a complete squad for the start of next season. Once again the off field problems

And all that is down to the problems off the field.

Progress off the field this season has hit some major milestones. The court case ruling against Oyston, the failure of the Oystons to make payments and sell property. Finally the meetings with the EFL which increases the exposure of what is happening at the club.
Work on that front is still an ongoing battle, but its fantastic to see so many still sitting by their principals of NAPM.

loft and bsa protest

With all the news that has come out in the past year in the court case about the Oyston’s asset stripping it does help somewhat to reaffirm the position of those fans, who really deep down knew all along what had been going on, but the court case did help solidify everyone’s decisions.

So with two games left to go there isn’t going to be any surprises on the pitch, but there is still time for something off the pitch to happen!

AFC Wimbledon 0 – 0 Blackpool HT

Half time and 0-0. Both sides not testing the keeper. So far pretty poor with little creativity upfront.

It’s good to see Vassell back but it’s clear he’s someway from full fitness and has been bullied around a little by the Find back four.

Hoping for better in the second half.

Blackpool FC up for sale

What an end to the week with the news that the Oystons have put Blackpool FC up for sale.

As mentioned in my last post it’s going to be a long process but steps are being made towards getting our club back and I can’t wait!

As the news broke this afternoon I was in a meeting, but I could hide my excitement rubbing my hands and doing some sort of dance in my chair.

The future bright, the future is tangerine!!!

Who is the best ever Blackpool FC player?

The best Blackpool FC player is a tough one to call.

  • Stanley Matthews
  • Jimmy Armfield
  • Stan Mortensen
  • Brett Ormerod
  • Tony Green

Its a really tough one to decide upon as its really hard to compare Blackpool FC over the years. It doesn’t help that the players have played in different levels of the league.

Leave a comment below if you don’t agree


Burton 0 – 0 Blackpool HT

Half time and we are still in it with Burton down to ten men.

Weir picked up two bookings within a couple minutes of each other. First a really poor sliding tackle and the second a cynical block of Cullen.

We nearly took the lead when Bright Samuel shot was tipped over. Apart from that it was pretty much all Burton who were easily able to open us up but really lacked any cutting edge in the front two.


Little upfront for us looked like he was still nursing a New Year hangover very poor from the loan man, hopefully his loan won’t be renewed but we are lacking attacking options upfront.

Doyle did well shot stopping, tipping round the post a low shot but looked a rusty kicking from both goalkicks and out of his hands.

Burton will look to hit us on the break which they threatened to do a couple of times. I just wonder if we have the ability to move the ball around enough to take advantage of the extra man in the second half.

Burton Albion Vs Blackpool

New Year new start?  Have to see. It’s a first visit to Burton and another stadium to tick off.

What Blackpool team will turn up today is anyone’s guess. It’s either boom (getting the points but no performance) or just utter capitulation.


It will be interesting how many of the loan players today with 4 of them returning to those parent clubs.. Something that happens every year and has no sign of changing.

The Pirelli stadium is a neat little ground with a very strange little bar / snack room for the away fans. I can see it being used during the match if the team doesn’t turn up today.

What is great is the terrace well be in, however last time I was on a terrace watching the Pool was against Brentford… We all know how that ended. 36.. Shots on target???

Blackpool FC Fixtures 2015-16

Fixtures for the 2015-16 season in League One are out today. There is still some confusion around being able to publish the fixtures online. Years ago I was told to remove fixtures or be sued. It’s not clear what the rules are now there may be a fee to pay of £250 which is ridiculous.

Another example of the beautiful game being ruined by greed.

Colchester away to start….

Are changes being made with player contracts

Karl Oyston doesn’t seem to be one for holding his hands up and admitting mistakes but there does seem to be a very small change at the Football Club in the last week.

Players are being signed on two-year contracts.

Previously players were signed on one year deals with an option to a second year. This resulted in the problem we a face ourselves today with half a team. However there has been a shift with players this week signing two-year deals with the option to a third.

There has been no communication from the club to mention a change in strategy which would admit errors in the past (there has been no communication from the club full stop).


I’m not saying this is a huge shift in Karl putting football first but it is a sign that they are making changes which one can only hope that it’s due to the protests and falling attendances.

The quality of the players also seems a little different. Last season we were signing players that nobody else wanted. So far we’ve signed Brad Potts from Carlisle who played 43 games last year and was nominated for a player of the month in League One. Kyle Letheren joining from Dundee is a previous player of the year and was part of a promotion winning team a couple of seasons ago.

It’s not a huge shift, we not been spending significant amounts of money and I’m guessing the majority of players will join on a free. But it’s a small shift in the right direction.