Frank Knight £20,000 Fund

It’s been almost a year since the last blog post. The lack of blog posts has due to other things in life taking taking precedence over BFC.

Anyway, some of those other things have passed and I’m going to be spending some time on projects highlighting the plight of what is going on at Blackpool FC.

To start, another fan made an apology over comments made about the Oyston family and this time made to pay £20,000. Frank Knight, 69, made the comments to his 34 Facebook friends. Details can all be found in the following articles.

However, what has come out of this story is response from the football community. A fund has already raised £4,125 at the time of writing to help Frank. Hopefully this figure will be passed and money will be made available to others who made need financial support.

If you have a spare £5, £10 £20+ head over to and make a quick donation.

Frank Knight Fund

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