Freddie Eastwood spoils the day again

That bloody Freddie Eastwood spoiled the day on Saturday after a great opener from big Ben the Romany forward scored a equaliser to share the points. He’s now scored against us for three different clubs. From my angle there was a big deflection from Rob Edwards to knock the ball in at the near post, so technically it wasn’t his goal. 

To be honest it wasn’t the greatest match ever and Burgess as normal for a home game did pretty much nothing but scored and hit the bar.  It did look like the players had a hang over from the Birmingham match. 

The worring point was that at times we were awful in defence but seemed to ride our luckk. Both full backs Barker and Camera were caught out of position and a few dodgy clearances from Evatt didn’t help things. 

Anyway next week it’s Cardiff with a stupid 12:30 kick off which means an early start for me, I don’t think I’ll make the trip to QPR tomorrow night.

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