Iain Williamson what a plonker

Oh Iain Williamson another in a long line of plonkers who don the black outfit and decide to piss me off. Defeat this time against Southampton, once again a match where we should have got a point. The defeat is a little harder to swallow due the inept referee Iain Williamson who disallowed a goal. I wasn’t at the match today but listened to the commentary on BBC Radio Lancashire and will eagerly await the highlights from the match.

From the commentary Blackpool were on the attack searching for an equaliser after Paul Rachubka had saved a penalty, the decision from Iain Williamson was questionable. The major talking point was when Andy Morrell (I think) placed the ball in the back of the net, but Iain Williamson decided to pull the play back for a foul on Danny Coid by Nathan Dyer. So Iain Williamson decided not to play advantage and if anything played a disadvantage to Blackpool giving a free kick!

According to soccer base it only the second game that Iain Williamson has officiated this season why? Whats the first image on Google image search…..

Iain Williamson

another one

iain williamson

and another one

iain williamson

I don’t think it’s the first time that Iain Williamson has messed up and it won’t be the last, another in the long list of crap referees.

Edit : Iain Williamson after the match admitted he was wrong, well done for owning up but your still a plonker.

Edit : Have your team suffered due to the referring of Iain Williamson? If so add your comment below.


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  2. Brian Salthouse

    Iain williamson booked 9 players on sat 15:11:08 at Millwall vs Stockport in a game where he wanted to be centre stage.I didnt see a nasty tackle inthe whole game.At most 3 bookings would have been fair. Mr williamson
    give up now and stop spoiling spectators days at at matches.Last year he called off our game at northampton 16 mins from the end when the pitch was at its best,after it had rained earlier on.The man should never take agame outside the Rymans.

  3. admin

    Hi Brian

    Sorry to hear that Mr Williamson struck again, I don’t think it will be the last time!


  4. Benjamin

    He is one of the worst ever refs to ref at the POSH…

    I don’t think guy has ever seen a rule’s book in his life..

    quit now before its too late!!!

  5. Bob

    Thick dichhead gave Perterborough two pens against us when no one in the ground could undrestand.Thankfully justice was done when Fleming saved one of them.Then ai Orient he gave them the softest pen Ine ever seen when Morgan dived.Even their fans were laughing and their manager was shaking his head in amazement.Then later our Chris Taylos was through on goal and had his legs taken away and he waved play on.He has cost us 5 points this season which would have helped us get in the playoffs.He is by a mile the worst ref Ive ever seen and ,believe me,Ive seen some bad ones.

  6. carla

    Still speechless after the Derby v Birmingham match this weekend. NEVER have I witnessed such a diabolical ref. He’s not even fit to ref a Sunday League match. Sack him for his own safety.

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