Lee Hughes signs for Pool

Another signing and this time it’s Lee Hughes from Oldham on loan. It seems like Joe Royle the new Oldham boss doesn’t want Hughes to play a part in his new team, he’s got other options including Steve Kabba! The news of the signing of Hughes has been met with mixed reactions online due to the strikers past.


I actually heard from a decent source that we spoke to him when he was inside and offered him the opportunity to sign when he was released. Hence why I have half expected him to roll up since.

Not impressed, in fact pretty ashamed, but what does my opinion count for.

My word there are certainly some mildly hysterical reactions on here! We haven’t signed Josef Fritzl! Lee Hughes has paid his debt and all the anger and bile in the world won’t bring the person who died back. He’s publicly apologised, been to prison and appears to be remorseful. He’s a quality footballer who deserves a chance. I expect someone will say that the person who died has no second chance. That doesn’t change Lee Hughes’ life. He will live with what he did for the rest of his life. Clearly he did a terrible thing but who on here can honestly say they haven’t made a mistake, broken speed limits, driven after 2 or 3 beers. There but for the grace of god and all that.

I’ll support him while he’s here just like any other pool player.


Can’t say much more than what jonboy has already said. Can’t say I thought of McCormick when I first heard the news, but it’s a very, VERY, valid comparison for anyone actually supporting Hughes.

Anyone who knows me personally will know that I hold a grudge and don’t let go – Rob Edwards now at Exeter for example – but this grudge has a real meaning behind it.

When he signed for Owdham, I said straight away that he doesn’t deserve to be leading the footballer’s lifestyle again after what he did and I now can’t believe that we’ll be paying his wages.

I’m with everyone else when they say that it’s left a bitter taste in the mouth. Can’t say I’m happy with it. I guess I’m lucky in the fact I’m unlikely to get to another Saturday game this year because of work. I’m not sure what I’d do when he played/if he scored.

One thing’s for sure, I don’t want us to sign him permanently. Loan is long enough, thanks.

This is a tricky one. Due to his past and stuff.

I certiaintly will not boo him because of his past however bad a incident it was and it was a bad one but at the end of the day hes here to play football and I will judge him on that, not his personal life.

If it was anyone else in League one with a record of 18 in 36 you would be pretty pleased.

Hes out of contract in the summer, if he does well someone bigger than us will want him.

My opinion is pretty similar to most on the message boards, as a football he’s a great signing with 18 goals in the bag this season for Oldham. Off the field he did a terrible thing, you have to remember too after the car crash that killed one person he went awol for a day.

It will be interesting to see the reaction he gets. For those who don’t know what hughes looks like here’s a picture.


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  1. me

    end off the day he is a coward look at the real devastation he left behind

    he walks from prison getting paid yet passengers are crippled and still suffer day after day one i know still cant walk..

    hope you rember that saying

    what goes around comes around……………

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