Nottingham Forest 3 – 4 Blackpool (agg 4 – 6) Wembley here we come!

Tonight is one of those nights you’ll never forget. I’ve had plenty of them beating Preston 1-0 twice, a Golden goal by Bully at Huddersfield, 4-3 against Watford away, winning at Birmingham last year, Scunny away this year! but thats been topped by tonight’s 4-3 win at Forest securing a place at Wembley in the Championship Final. I’m pretty knackered but won’t be sleeping for a while as the adrenaline is still pumping around my body and I want to see the highlights on SSN.

We always knew that Forest were going to come at us, but we always knew that we were going to score goals, it was matter of scoring as many or more than the home side. What really proved its worth tonight was a little bit of experience being able to soak pressure and more importantly take our chances.

After Earnshaw slotted in the opener I was surprised that the home side didn’t push on, it might have been a little bit of in inexperience from their part or our middle three starting to get a hold on the game. Forrest didn’t really come out in the second half, DJ took his goal really well, there was the agonising second waiting for the ball to hit the back of the net.

Straight after that Gilk’s pulled off a great double save, at that point you just knew it was going to be our night. Dobbie’s goal came from a great little serge forward from Crainey and a lucky deflection. If that didn’t knock the stuffing out of Forest then DJ’s second  (which was the goal of the night) did end the tie.

His third looked offside but who cares! We now have a great day to look forward to, most importantly we have Charlie Adam without the worry of a yellow card and Cardiff / Leicester should be scared of us.

FInal note and picture has to go to this man, what a job he has done! He’s bursting with pride for his players, we the fans are bursting with pride for him.


  1. Steve (SB)

    I’m a Forest season ticket holder of 30+ years living in the North West and want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on getting to Wembley.

    You outplayed us in both legs and thoroughly deserve to be there.

    Good luck in the Final!

  2. admin

    cheers steve! as davis said, you’re just not ready at the moment. Considering you just about stayed up last years to finish 3rd was a great achievement. Good luck for next season!

  3. Bedfordred

    Another Forest fan here… well done Pool… you’ve beaten us 4 times now this season and last night scored more than anyone else has at the CG all season! Deserved winners.

    Good luck at Wembley – you will have my backing!

  4. Chez from Lancaster

    OMG. I first started supporting Blackpool in the old first division and I was at the game last night. What an occasion. What an atmosphere. We were brilliant – no other word can express that performance. Come on Cardiff or Leicester (but I hope it’s Cardiff).

  5. Pete

    I’m a Man City fan and just want to wish you guys the very best of luck against Cardiff. Looking forward to seeing Blackpool in the Prem next season.

  6. admin

    Cheers, Pete, I really enjoyed my trip to Main Road all those years ago in the League Cup. Would love to see the Seasiders playing at the City of Manchester stadium and I’m sure you would a day out to the seaside!

  7. Rish eighteensixtyfive

    I cannot praise your boys and manager enough. You have beaten us four times and really deserve your place in the final.

    Of course defeat hurts for us but I was proud of my team over the season, and proud of so many Reds for staying and applauding the Blackpool players off the pitch. And thanks to Holloway for acknowledging that.

    All the best for Wembley!

  8. admin

    Cheers, rish. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs after the Pool V Forest games. Good luck for next season! Should be an easier division with WBA and Newcastle up and the 3 coming down!

  9. Pete

    If memory serves me right, Blackpool won on penalties. Just as long as we play at Bloomfield Road on a Saturday so we can have a night out as well.

  10. Dixie Dean

    I am a QPR fan and wish you all the best in the final against the ‘ foreigners’. Please beat them- England expects ! Ollie is still idolised at QPR and is a fantastic man. He lost to Cardiff( in Cardiff)with us in a play-off final, so won’t want to repeat the result.The whole country ( maybe except PNE! ) is with the Tangerines.Good luck in the Premiership !

  11. andres korchoff

    Hi im from venezuela and i’m huge fan of english football, of football with heart, not barcelona and madrid’s kind of football, but really little teams that are able to overcome a greater opponent, and i really want to congratulate all blackpool fans cuz what they did on tuesday winning away with 4 goals its simply what makes football so great…… Thanks England……

  12. Kevin

    I live in London and have done all my life and support Chelseam again have done all my life, even in the dark days of the 70,s

    Would just like to say good luck tomorrow, really hope you make it the premier, it would be a fantastic thing for Blackpool to be back in the big time, a great thing for the club and the supporters and all the good citizens of Blackpool

    I went to the Bloomfield rd in 1975 to see Blackpool 0 Chelsea 2 [ sorry about putting the result ],also been on hols a few times

    So may the the rub of the green be with you on 22/5 – look forward to welcoming you all to the Bridge next season

  13. Lemmy Marlboro

    Congratulation to the promotion. At least I got a team to support in the PL. All the best next season from a swedish QPR-fan.

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