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Michael Appleton to Blackburn Rovers?

This afternoon I tweeted that I couldn’t see the speculation about Michael Appleton going to Blackburn being true, however this is Blackpool FC.

Just a short time ago this appeared on the Blackburn Rovers website.

So Rovers are going in for Appleton, why, I don’t have a clue.

Appleton shouldn’t go simply because he’s only been Blackpool manager for a short time.

However if the other speculation is true that Appleton’s not having the best of times during the transfer window then there’s the chance that this could go ahead.

Knowing Karl Oyston he’s accept the offer as we’ll get…. sorry he’ll get the compensation money. Good business.

If Appleton goes then the season is pretty much over.

Ollie To Rovers a Clucking Joke

So a few of our Lancashire rivals are without a boss at the moment. Bolton, Burnley and Blackburn. With no football in the top two divisions with the international break it seems that bored journos are looking to put two and two together and link Ian Holloway with the vacant position at Blackburn Rovers.

No truth in the rumour I hear you say! But there is. Rovers Global adviser Shebby Singh has done his research online and found out about Ollie and his chicken coop making abilities.

Rovers backers Venky’s are one the largest producers of chicken meat in the world so would need a manager with a skillset such as Ollie’s, to make chicken coops and manage a team in the Championship with a view to promotion to the top flight!

Best get looking for a new manager looks like a done deal! Dam that Shebby Singh with his ultimate football knowledge!