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Grass is growing – Still no players to play on it

The grass is growing, that’s all there is to talk about. No joke – no news of new players, or players on trail or pre-season games, just that the grass in growing.

In a couple of tweets this morning the club confirmed the grass had started to grow and that 3g astroturf is to be laid around the edge of the pitches now.


Meanwhile Leeds have snatched up Matt Smith from Oldham. The striker did well in last years FA cup playing the target man role well, however has only bagged 14 goals in 75 appearances.

The only player news concerning ourselves is with Goodwillie from Blackburn who looked to be joining Dundee United last week. It appears we’ve added our names to the hat, however with a season-long loan.

Fixtures are out next week, on Wednesday 19th at 9am. That should give us something to talk about.

Ludo Disappointment and Goodwillie to return North?

A disappointing day yesterday with the news that Ludovic Sylvestre would be leaving. Since then the papers have put two and two together and made Palace favourites to sign him. In reality Palace would be his level, Fulham etc could be a step too far.

Ince also has commented that he was surprised and disappointed to lose the midfielder considering he had given the French man a run in the side last season and worked on improving his fitness.

Interestingly in his interview with the Gazette he added.

“At the end of the day all we can do is offer what we think is right. If a player can go and get bigger money elsewhere, then there’s not really much we can do about it.”

With contracts being offered to GTF, Crainey and Broadfoot, it seems like he’s preparing for them not to accept. You can’t blame the players either.

One team that won’t be requiring to find new players are Blackburn Rovers, who have a of squad around 42. One they might be looking to offload is David Goodwillie. The Scot was linked to us in the past, and Ollie took him on loan at Palace where he only made one appearance last season. At Rovers he’s only scored 2 in 28.

Today Dundee United, whom he played for before, were said to have put in an offer for the 24-year-old. That could be sparked by the fact that Dundee United have accepted a bid for Johnny Russell from Derby County, 20 goals in 38 games in the SPL last season. And so the merry-go-round starts, just doesn’t look like we’ll be jumping on any time soon.

One good story is that season ticket sales have surpassed last seasons figures. We have a total of 10,339 season ticket holders for the coming season. Without the £195.30 season ticket offer I’m sure that we would have been way short of last seasons number.