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Judgement Day 3

Due to poor planning on my behalf I’m in Croatia on holiday and not at Judgement Day 3.

Years ago holidays would be planned around the football fixtures, flights moved to Saturday night as we were playing Huddersfield at home. But as the problems have arisen​ at Bloomfield Road and life priorities change planning around the football fixtures has become less important.

Reading the tweets, article from BST and watching the videos on YouTube it does feel like I’m missing out this Judgement Day.

As ever the lead up to JD3 has been interesting with the possibility of a play-off place, the Leyton Orient situation and the farce of the ticket suspension.

It makes you laugh that the Oyston’s were worried about 1,700 away fans in a stadium that holds over 10,000. What would happen if the thousands of Blackpool fans who abstain from attending matches all came back at once? Would they be able to handle the influx?

Also this week there was a ridiculous statement from the English Football League about events last week at Leyton Orient when fans forced the game to be temporary abandoned.

”   needing to take the players off the field. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen and have the credibility of our competition, which is envied the world over, questioned. …””

“The credibility of the competition”.. Everyone is questioning their credibility over the lack of intervention or to place pressure on the FA or government over the the situations at Orient, Coventry, Charlton, Blackpool……

Where will the credibility of the league be when in a few years time many of the founding clubs are out of business or being replaced by fans owned clubs.

They also finished the statement with;

“Is likely that we will break the ’18 million fans through turnstiles’ barrier this weekend for the first time since 1960”

That target would have passed earlier this season if the forementioned clubs were not in crisis. I also wonder how many of the 18 million are freebies and made up fans the Oyston’s propaganda machine pump out?

I know the EPL have little power, however they need to start to change that with the view to the longterm health of their own competition. 

What next? If we get into the play-offs it will mean live coverage of the two matches on Sky Sports TV so a chance to get our voices heard again and protest. 

For the final with revenue from ticket sales going to the Oystons it would be an embarrassment to see maybe 4 to 6 thousands attending considering​ the turn out at Wembley for the last two play-off final visits. 

If the team fail today it might be another summer break with wholesale changes to the squad with many players out of contract. Maybe starting next season with a tiny squad.

As for off the field, the upcoming second court case with Belokon will be interesting. But I’ve got a feeling there will be Judgement Day 4 whatever division we reside in next season.

Relegation day

A second relegation in as many years is on the cards, we’ve just gone 1-0 up at Peterborough and Fleetwood are winning 2-0 against Crewe.

Even if it did happen, it’s delaying the inevitable for another season. For more than half the season we’ve been in the bottom 4.


Last weekend it was good to join in Judgement Day 2, it was amazing to see the sheer numbers of people out in force. Next season it’s going to be even more visible with attendance figure below two or three thousands in the ground and will be interesting to see when the last years accounts do come in – https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/01970661

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Judgement Day as Blackpool Vs Huddersfield is Abandoned

A judgement of guilty was passed today on Karl Oyston following a horrendous season.

Even without the protests the fact Lee Clark only named 6 players on the bench today showed all that the situation hasn’t changed much since the opening day defeat at Nottingham Forest where there was only a squad of 15 players.

Nothing is going to change while the Oystons remain in charge, come the start of next season its very likely we’ll have a thin squad as we start life in League one.

The main talking point from today will be the pitch invasion, subsequent abandonment of the game and charge on the directors box.

Hopefully the publicity created from today will further raise awareness around the problems at Blackpool. The Oystons will use it to further fuel the idea of a “mob” with banning orders etc.

What needs to happen now is further protests over the summer, the heat can’t be taken off. It’s going to be interesting if the match is re-scheduled, if it is – more protests.

A little round-up of today with photos, videos and links.

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Further links

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