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Millwall v Pool

So opening day, a clean canvas for the start of the season but late last night a problem. Unsettled by speculation about a move to Southampton Matty Phillips one of the stars of the show has decided he wants to move on.

He’s not playing today, it’s not clear if the player or the manager has made that decision. Either way it’s best for him not to be playing today. Hopefully the 11 that do start today will be fully committed to the cause.


Let’s try to forget that, it’s a glorious day in the capital. It looks very hot down pitch side.

Line ups are in too, a few changes from the team that lost to Morecambe.

Gomes and Osbourne start with M Phillips and Martinez dropping down. K Phillips starts too which means GTF starts on the wing.

Dicko starts on the bench.

It’s good to be back!!! Come on the pool!!