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Is Football Racist – BBC Three – Clarke Carlisle

Tonight on BBC three former Pool defender Clarke Carlisle presented a documentary about racism in football. For those younger readers Clarke started his career at Blackpool and made just under 100 appearances before heading off to QPR. He earned £200 a week for his first professional contract, his dad keep the contract!

For those who missed it you can watch it again on iPlayer.

Amazingly, but somewhat good to hear Clarke has never experienced racism during his playing career. However meeting fellow professional footballers and ex-players he soon discovered he’s been pretty sheltered from the issue.

At Blackpool over the years we’ve not had too many problems that come to mind. Back in 2008 after a derby game with Preston there were 9 fans banned as a result of racist and homophobic chanting.  A few years ago Jason Euell was subject to abuse from a Stoke fan.  During the season in the Premier league one Blackpool fan was arrested for “Racist or Indecent Chanting” according to a Home Office report.

Overall it seems that racism isn’t a problem at Bloomfield Road? Or am I similar to Clarke? Not experienced it, but it is there?

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EDIT: The Poll is over and it’s overall a no, with almost 90% saying there’s no problem with racism at Blackpool FC.

I think that no club can say that racism is a not problem at a club as there’s always going to the the odd incident but thankfully it’s an event that doesn’t occur at Bloomfield Road often. Let’s hope it stays that way.