The problem at Blackpool FC … Karl Oyston

The closing point from the blog post last week was as bad as thing can be at Blackpool FC, the situation can alway get worse. Tonight it looks like things are getting worse with José Riga position at the club looking precarious.

In the past couple of days the main stream media picked up on the debacle that is the 8 player situation thanks to the article from ex Gazette reporter Steve Canavan, then tweets from the popular Paddy Power account followed and the rest of the media came in – ITV, the Gazette, Daily Mail… It’s the way viral news works, you need a good story and one big credible publication to push it out and off it goes…

It was perfect timing, sports journalists with nothing to write about after the world cup, having 8 players and the cancellation of the tour to Spain with the pending friendly this weekend at Penrith.

But here’s the thing … for us Pool fans…. the media will cover it for a week until they can start showing highlights of pre-season games or start the countdown to the transfer window closing. Colleague at work will mention it, general football fans will be chatting about it online.

But for us this farce is something we’ve lived with for years…. some of this you couldn’t make up…

  • The pitch being in a terrible condition for a number of seasons
  • A milk man being the groundsman
  • Half built stadium for a couple of seasons
  • A temporary stand which fans fell through with no roof
  • A “temporary” stand we still have now
  • Professional sport people being responsible to clean their own kit
  • Players on contract for only a year resulting in mass change every summer
  • Players leaving to go to other clubs as they can get two-year deals
  • Losing players like David Vaughan for no fee due to the one year deals
  • Having to rely on loan players to make up the core of the team
  • Saying that money hasn’t been taken out of the club – we need it now to sign players – but it’s not there.
  • £90 summer contracts
  • Steve McMahon farse trying to leave then not leaving – happened with most managers
  • Losing Appleton after only months in charge
  • Taking too long to appoint new managers
  • Not willing to pay agents fees
  • Spending a tiny proportion of money on transfer fees
  • Trying to fob us of  saying that money was spent on wages rather than fees
  • Promising a new training ground but nothing happening
  • Posting images posing with anti Oyston banners
  • Crap seats
  • Lack of pies at half time
  • etc
  • etc
  • the list goes on

It’s all down to one man.


Karl Oyston has been able to hide behind all the problems he’s created by quoting the success of the club getting into the Premier League. But we all know that only happened due to the investment from Valeri Belokon into players and remarkable work of Ian Holloway as manager.

Worst of all, he’s really good at it. Deflecting attention away from his failings as a chairman when problems flair up. To the extend that some fans still support him.

But no longer can Karl use those tactics to cover his incompetence, the last 18 months has really shown what he has done to the club, or lack of. The only reason we are still in the Championship is due to the players remaining from the Premier League era which have now all left the club.

The only reason Karl is still here is because he’s able to make money out of the club – he doesn’t enjoy it being a football chairman, he doesn’t like football. The club earns him money – easy money too, a little abuse here and there isn’t too much to take for the millions taken out.

While Karl is still in charge things are going to just repeat themselves, he’ll find a way of squirming out of the problem but things will never really change while he’s still here.

Players will still be signed for free, one year contracts, having to get in loan players to cover vital positions, losing out on key transfer targets due to the contract style, promising change but not delivering….

Something has to change… lots of have things have changed over the last year years, players, coaches, managers, but one thing remains the same – Karl Oyston.

But are there any other viable alternatives at this moment? It doesn’t seem so and that what makes the situation very depressing.


  1. pool66

    What are we going to do? Can we write to the Football league and ask them to kick him off their board? Ask mates who support other clubs to ask their chairman not to vote for him next time. Write to the Football league and ask them to kick him off their board. Is he a fit and proper person to be a Chairman under the Football league rules? Should he be a director? Or/and can he be banned under Company Law – a quick look on the website at – looking at directors of companies and they are under duties to run it in the interests of the company – you can report directors through that site. We have to do something somehow. He has to go. It’s all too much.Are there any lawyer fans out there? Can we use regulations in some way to get rid of him? Can the council step in and use their powers? Can we start to get the Hotel? There must be something. The boycott the Oyston Estate Agency is getting a lot of mention on the Gazette site and there are 2 fans (small but a start) who have pulled their contracts with Oyston Estate Agents – if you see a sign why not stop and ask the person who is selling the house to take their business elsewhere. There has to be something individuals can do. We can’t let this man get away with this.

  2. LUFC

    I feel for you mate , supporting leeds ,I know what it’s like to be ripped off by greedy chairmen , sucking the life out of the club , broken promises , greed and what amounts to daylight robbery . You need to rid your selves of this crook immediately or your going to be in deep trouble

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