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Blackpool FC Squad for 2015/16

The Gazette mentioned that Pool currently have an 18-man-squad in preparation for the 2015/16 season. The 18 players are listed below, but at best it’s actually 12  / 14 players.

Players from last season – 7

— DF Tom Aldred
— DF Charles Dunne
— DF David Ferguson
— DF Luke Higham
— MF Henry Cameron
— MF Connor Oliver
— MF Bright Osayi-Samuel

Players signed this summer – 5

— GK Colin Doyle
— GK Kyle Letheren
— DF Clark Robertson
— MF Brad Potts
— MF Jarrett Rivers

Question mark if they will be here but are under contract – 3

— MF José Miguel Cubero
— FW Nile Ranger
— MF Andrea Orlandi

Players out of contract – 3

— MF Mark Waddington
— MF Jamie O’Hara
— FW Dom Telford

Total number of players, not including the players out of contract or with a question mark.

GK – 2
DF – 5
MF – 5
FW 0

12 players in total, 2 of those goalkeepers and no recognised striker.

Blackpool FC Team for next season so far

It could be possible that Cubero and Orlandi will be here next next year, which would bring the squad to 14 but still no source of goals with only 51 days till we face Colchester on the opening day of the season.

Blackpool FC Fixtures 2015-16

Fixtures for the 2015-16 season in League One are out today. There is still some confusion around being able to publish the fixtures online. Years ago I was told to remove fixtures or be sued. It’s not clear what the rules are now there may be a fee to pay of £250 which is ridiculous.

Another example of the beautiful game being ruined by greed.

Colchester away to start….

Are changes being made with player contracts

Karl Oyston doesn’t seem to be one for holding his hands up and admitting mistakes but there does seem to be a very small change at the Football Club in the last week.

Players are being signed on two-year contracts.

Previously players were signed on one year deals with an option to a second year. This resulted in the problem we a face ourselves today with half a team. However there has been a shift with players this week signing two-year deals with the option to a third.

There has been no communication from the club to mention a change in strategy which would admit errors in the past (there has been no communication from the club full stop).


I’m not saying this is a huge shift in Karl putting football first but it is a sign that they are making changes which one can only hope that it’s due to the protests and falling attendances.

The quality of the players also seems a little different. Last season we were signing players that nobody else wanted. So far we’ve signed Brad Potts from Carlisle who played 43 games last year and was nominated for a player of the month in League One. Kyle Letheren joining from Dundee is a previous player of the year and was part of a promotion winning team a couple of seasons ago.

It’s not a huge shift, we not been spending significant amounts of money and I’m guessing the majority of players will join on a free. But it’s a small shift in the right direction.

Where does Karl Oyston’s 6 week ban leave us

The Football Association announced yesterday a six-week ban for chairman Karl Oyston following the text incident with a fan. The short length of the ban is somewhat surprising considering he breached rules multiple times and all that has been going on at the club.


The suspension doesn’t start for four weeks and Oyston has the right to appeal. This leaves us with 4 weeks to build the squad before he leaves, it’s been apparent in the past due to the management structure (or lack or) all deal are overseen by the chairman. So who will oversee the signings of new players? Our secretary hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory in the past year with a number of incidents.

However for some it’s questionable what proactive work Karl Oyston actually does to the benefit of the football team so him being away will anyone notice any difference?

Overall it leaves us in a very dangerous place with half a team and no leadership (again was there any to start with?)

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this, the balls in Karl’s court and who knows what he’s going to do.

Judgement Day as Blackpool Vs Huddersfield is Abandoned

A judgement of guilty was passed today on Karl Oyston following a horrendous season.

Even without the protests the fact Lee Clark only named 6 players on the bench today showed all that the situation hasn’t changed much since the opening day defeat at Nottingham Forest where there was only a squad of 15 players.

Nothing is going to change while the Oystons remain in charge, come the start of next season its very likely we’ll have a thin squad as we start life in League one.

The main talking point from today will be the pitch invasion, subsequent abandonment of the game and charge on the directors box.

Hopefully the publicity created from today will further raise awareness around the problems at Blackpool. The Oystons will use it to further fuel the idea of a “mob” with banning orders etc.

What needs to happen now is further protests over the summer, the heat can’t be taken off. It’s going to be interesting if the match is re-scheduled, if it is – more protests.

A little round-up of today with photos, videos and links.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 14.55.02

Further links

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Stan Mortensen Statue Removed

With #judgementday coming it seems that the club have taken a pre-emtive move to remove the Stan Mortensen statue from outside the ground. I think I’m right in thinking that the statue is located on private property (e.g. the football ground) and may well be the property of the Football Club. The statue was going to be a focal point of the protest this Saturday.

The lack of a statement before removal and the timing is most likely to wind fans up even if there is a real reason for the statue to be removed. I’m guessing the club will say that it is being removed due to the planned protests – if this is the case, why not remove the Jimmy Armfield statue, the sign for the hotel…

And if this wasn’t a move by the club why no tweet from the club to say it’s been stolen…

For those who don’t know about the Stan Mortensen statue the cost and organisation was conducted by the fans and the council. £25,000 was raised to pay for the statue which was revealed back in 2005 –

It’s almost if they want to be hated….

Frank Knight £20,000 Fund

It’s been almost a year since the last blog post. The lack of blog posts has due to other things in life taking taking precedence over BFC.

Anyway, some of those other things have passed and I’m going to be spending some time on projects highlighting the plight of what is going on at Blackpool FC.

To start, another fan made an apology over comments made about the Oyston family and this time made to pay £20,000. Frank Knight, 69, made the comments to his 34 Facebook friends. Details can all be found in the following articles.

However, what has come out of this story is response from the football community. A fund has already raised £4,125 at the time of writing to help Frank. Hopefully this figure will be passed and money will be made available to others who made need financial support.

If you have a spare £5, £10 £20+ head over to and make a quick donation.

Frank Knight Fund

Wigan Vs Blackpool

First match of the season for me which should spark some excitement but with everything that’s gone on and the results we have had so far make it very difficult to get that matchday feeling.

No team news at the time of writing but it will be interesting to see if Riga starts to look at a defensive lineup with the view to stopping the rot.

Wigan have been inconsistent so far but have the players to unlock anytime in the league. Old Seasider Callum Mcmanaman on his day is on of the beat in the league.

Here’s hoping for a point at least or maybe to recreate that performance and result from last season.

Blackpool FC Players on Twitter List – Updated 2014

With a new crop of players settling down I’ve updated the Blackpool FC players on twitter list.


As well as the current crop all the old players (It’s growing each year) are on the list too.

All the accounts below are listed on a twitter list

If you think I’ve missed anyone out leave a comment or message on me on twitter.

Current Players

Ex Players

Officials from the club


Blackpool FC on the web