And that was Paul Ince

After 42 games in charge (can you count the five he wasn’t there for?) Paul Ince’s reign as manager has come to and end. Thinking back to when he was appointed it was almost if he reluctantly took charge after the Applegate saga. He was knocking around the club and turned out to be the only one who fancied the job.

He started well, steadying the ship and making us hard to beat towards the end of last season – he did keep us up. However that hard to beat mentality turned into us being very negative. The lack of signings before the start of the season almost galvanised the backs to the wall / hold on to what we’ve got as we’ve not got much mentality.

While Ollie in the past took that “we’ve got the smallest wage bill” and “we wash our own kits” to motivate the players Ince wasn’t able to motivate the players from it, combined with a negative tactics it was all going downhill.

In the recent days plenty of Rovers fans have commented saying the same thing happened at Rovers, looking at the results before his sacking on 20th of December 2008 it all looks very similar.

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It all leaves us in a very similar place to last season, a great start it all going wrong and then looking to patch it all back together and retain our Championship status.

It looks like Barry Ferguson will take charge, however the reaming time in the transfer window looks to be just as important as his ability to manager over the rest of the season.

And as for Tom… we’ll have to wait till Saturday.

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  1. Luke Ingood

    Saddened to hear of the trauma surrounding Blackpool, not only a famous club but I also have many happy memories of the place. Paul Ince was a good player in his days, something that doesn’t always translate into a successful managerial career, circumstances and finances are pivotal these days and patience from ownership can be in short supply. If its to be Barry Ferguson,so be it, at least he will like the shirt colours.

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