East Stand stays at Bloomfield Road and is extended by 972 seats

The East Stand at Bloomfield Road has been given permission to stay and be extended by 972 seats, but the council are not happy with the lack of progress in the development in the ground considering the re-development of the central corridor in Blackpool.

It means that although the stand has been given permission to stay but they have advised that the license will only permit the stand to stay for three years, till 2011.

east stand at bloomfield road

Councilor Jim Houldsworth said: “I’m very disappointed that this has come to committee again and that the club, having had five years to get this stand built, has not yet done so. I feel if it’s granted we should look on it as the final three years.

“I know we cannot pre-empt what might be decided in future years but I feel we ought to make our feelings known that this has gone on long enough and we are looking for improvement in the development of the site and in the aesthetics of the stadium.”

Once again it s disgrace and Oyston has got his way, meaning that there will be no development on the East until 2011. More away fans will be able attend matches next year, around 2700, but no extra room for home fans as splitting the East for home and away fans doesn’t seem like an option due to no exits / food stalls for two sets of supporters.

There is a solution to all of this, build a South Stand.

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